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is now available in an updated and expanded edition as an e-book in the Amazon Kindle Store.


They Fought the Law: Rock Music Goes to Court by Stan Soocher provides an investigative behind-the-scenes look at landmark and famous court cases involving Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Billy Joel, George Michael, the Shirelles, B.J. Thomas, Gene Pitney, the Ronettes, Michael Jackson, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, the 2 Live Crew and Roy Orbison.


They Fought the Law has also been published in a Chinese translation edition by the Beijing-based Law Press China.



"This is the real secret history of rock & roll: the backroom deals and courtroom wars over money, reputation, artistic liberty, moral responsibility, and contractual obligation that have been part of the music since Elvis first fell under Colonel Parker's huckster spell. 'They Fought the Law' is the fine print of superstardom writ loud and clear." (David Fricke, Rolling Stone)


"Who zoomed who in the courts, whether the issue is censorship or cold cash, has been an area of constant murkiness in almost all rock 'n' roll writing. Stan Soocher here sorts out several of the most interesting and revealing cases with a precision that probably makes them clearer to the reader than they ever were to the participants." (David Hinckley, New York Daily News)


"Anyone who thinks talent and drive are the only prerequisites to success in the music business is in for a rude surprise: artists have waged a non-stop battle to control their work and livelihood since the first painter smeared cinders on a cave wall. In 'They Fought the Law,' Stan Soocher trains his attorney's eye and reporter's ear to the task of showing us how that war for control is joined in today's rock & roll jungle. The result is a witty and clear-minded book, an indispensable map of the potential legal mine field awaiting all who would travel the road to pop stardom." (Fred Goodman, author of The Mansion on the Hill)




"[A] fascinating journey through the courtrooms and back rooms of the music industry." (The National Law Journal)


"Soocher's book is a wonderful read. ... The book is packed with little known facts that have been unearthed by Stan's thorough and extensive research ... a long awaited tour de force--kudos to the author for exposing, for the benefit of all, the behind-the-scenes, seldom revealed infighting that goes on in the wonderful, litigious world of entertainment." (Martin Silfen, American Bar Association's Entertainment and Sports Lawyer)


"[N]ot only ably translates the legalese but makes both the plaintiffs and defendants engrossingly human." (Alanna Nash, Entertainment Weekly)


"Soocher goes inside the courtroom for a bird's-eye view ... While detailing the legal and political maneuverings of both sides, Soocher is also a skilled observer of events outside the courtroom. Readable for non lawyers and recommended for public libraries; academic and law school collections should have an interested constituency as well." (David M. Turkalo, Library Journal)


"[C]lear-minded, intricately-detailed ... in challenging yet accessible prose. On a par with record biz exposes such as Hit Men and The Mansion On The Hill ..." (Richard Martin, CMJ New Music Monthly)


"[A]n enlightening and entertaining read that paints a realistic picture of the music industry's dirty little secrets when it comes to business deals." (Songwriter's Monthly)


"[L]egal decisions reached in the cases Soocher analyzes may figure prominently in the evolution of entertainment law. Great stuff for very serious, business-like rockers." (Mike Tribby, Booklist)


"A powerful study that should enlighten anyone who thinks show biz is any easy ride." (Jeff Tamarkin, Discoveries)


"The book is well written and, equally important in light of [its] diversity and detail of the subject matter, thoughtfully structured. ... The resulting journey, carefully mapped out, is rich both in nostalgia and fresh perspectives. It is a journey well worth taking." (Howard Siegel, The New York Law Journal)


"In pithy detail ... [w]hat emerges is a cautionary tale about the uneasy intersection between art and commerce in which musicians who lack business savvy are ripe for exploitation. More noteworthy is Soocher's exploration of the ways legal wranglings can have an impact on an artist's creative output, often permanently altering the dynamics of the artist/record industry relationship. ... Soocher's account of the financial and legal pitfalls into which an unsuspecting musician can stumble is an eye-opening reminder that where there is money to be made, lawsuits are sure to follow.'' (Publishers Weekly)


"Veteran music journalist turned lawyer Stan Soocher has penned a fascinating account of some of popular music's most famous court cases ... The tome features juicy details of such high-profile cases ...'' (Roy Trakin, HITS Magazine)


''Anyone doubting that the music industry can be a treacherous place for artists will have their worst fears confirmed by this book. Like 'Hit Men' and 'The Mansion on the Hill,' Soocher's book details the sordid side of the biz, a side that oozes with dishonesty, chicanery, and, in some cases, outright fraud. ... [R]equired reading for all new artists before they sign their first contract.'' (Michael Villano, Billboard)


"The book is a funny, informative and grim chronicle of musicians whose hardest performance was in court." (Trent Fitzgerald, Midwest Beat)"


"They Fought the Law: Rock Music Goes to Court' could be a book of scripts for a music industry version of Law & Order." (Dave McElfresh, Phoenix New Times)


The old LA. Law [TV] series could revive itself for a whole season just by using the case fodder from entertainment attorney Stan Soocher's new book . . . " (Gail Meadows, The Miami Herald)